Michael Bojkowski
ok interrupt

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Publication design:
Rouge / Influence / The Breeze Block Book / Folio / Studio Futures / Grafik Redux / Architectural Review / (Inside) / 20 Stories / The Sydney School /
Writing, Research & Education:
Made of Stories / Many-Rooms / Everythings Alright Forever / Experimental Typography Workshop / Annet Dekker interview / Towards a Contemporary Publishing Lexicon /
Type design:
Avant Round / Concrete / Facility / Lorry / Network Sans / Newsstand / Rhodium / Tangram
This site is a work-in-progress.
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O Hai:
For New Year’s 2020/21 Michael produced grafix for a series of live broadcasts and Instagrammed events. Visit mixcloud/sportspanda to hear the playlists.

Type design: Arial Monoline
Developed on the release of Glyphs 3 as a way to trial the software this monoline version of Arial was used to further brand the O Hai project. More soon.

New Project: Many-Rooms
Visit rescat.site

Publication release: Rogue. Art of a Garden.
Follow this link to find out more.