Hello. You have reached the foliosite for Michael Bojkowski. Michael is a publication designer and independent publisher with an interest in both traditional and emergent publishing and has completed projects for a wide range of clients and collaborators in London, Melbourne and Amsterdam. You can read some of Michael’s writing on designing and publishing over at []. For inquires please email Michael via michael[at]okinterrupt[dot]email. Thanks for stopping by.
Please note: This site is currently in development. You can view images from listed projects by selecting a project title below. Follow @okinterrupt for updates.

Title Form Year Publisher
Sydney School Book & eBook 2018 Uro Publications
Folio Magazine 2018 Uro Publications
All That Is Air Essay & P.O.D. 2018 Self published
Linefeed 2016 reviews P.O.D. & Video 2016 Self published
Studio Futures Book 2015 Uro Publications
Bojvlogski Vlog series 2014 Self published
Architectural Review Asia Pacific Magazine 2012 Niche
(inside) Interior Design Review Magazine 2012 Niche
Linefeed Magazine Hauls Video series 2014 Self published
Grafik Magazine 2011 Woodbridge & Rees
Maglophile Reviews Supplement 2010 Grafik / Self published
LineRead Magazine 2010 Self published
Notion Magazine 2009 Uro Publications
Agoraphobia means never having to say you're sorry Photo Book 2009 Self published