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20 Stories of a Life in Architecture

“From the Ground Up: 20 Stories of a Life in Architecture” brings together 20 of Australia’s leading architectural practitioners to reveal, in their own words, what drew them to their calling. Their reflections offer an insight into the values and ideas behind some of the country’s most innovative and important buildings.

material story
To emulate the subject matter, Tyvek was chosen for the book’s dust jacket. Tyvek is a synthetic woven material with the appearance of paper. It’s known for its resilient, tear-proof quality. For this reason it is often used as ‘Housewrap’, used to shield and protect buildings while under construction. Turns out it is also surprising easy to print on to and folds well, providing surprisingly crisp edges.

As part of an extensive promotional strategy a stand-alone, one-page website was produced which included an embedded YouTube playlist of branded interviews with participating architects and links to various social media accounts.
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