Michael Bojkowski aka okinterrupt

︎ Canary

Canary was produced, in a whirlwind of activity, very shortly after arriving in the Netherlands to start a Design Writing & Curation MA at Design Academy Eindhoven. The brief set by head of department, Alice Twemlow, was for each member of our first year cohort (there were eight of us) to interview a graduating student and write about their project work. These texts would then be edited and compiled within a print publication to be distributed at the DAE graduation show which took place as part of Dutch Design Week.

With minimal time to write, edit, design and print, this would turn out to be a baptism by fire... but also a good way to set the pace for project work to come.

I did not expect to be deploying my editorial design skills so early on in the program and made the quick decision to utilise as much material and resource as was readily available at the time. Although the official Graduation Book (which would be for sale to the public at DDW, was in the process of being finalised for print, I managed to get hold of a rough PDF from which we could borrow some of the look and feel (and typefaces) of the overall event. The graduating exhibition was named ‘Mined’ so we called our publication ‘Canary’.

Production was challenging. Once interviews were done, text assembled and edited and hi-res images sourced we then had to look around for a printer that could work with our minimal timeframe and budget. To speed up the process I devised a format that consisted of one sheet folded into sections that formed pages. A printer across the border in Belgium was sourced. We couldn’t press check in person (I was still taking in corrections over the phone from Alice while she was boarding a plane before uploading files to the printer) so there was some confusion over folding instructions.

Still, with some cover art and assistance from fellow DC&W student, Mara Siegel it came together in time for a mini launch as part of the Arena programme at DDW where we were then grilled about our efforts on stage by Marcus Fairs. Phew.

︎ Download a PDF version