Michael Bojkowski aka okinterrupt

Evrythings Alright Forevr

This project was completed as part of the Design Writing & Curating (now Critical Inquiry Lab) MA at Design Academy Eindhoven. Tutors: Alice Twemlow & Agata Jaworska.

Evrythings Alright Forevr become the umbrella title for multi-faceted project that looked at emerging publishing formats and meme culture. The project inhabited a wide range of formats from postcards to textiles to performative lectures to YouTube videos...

︎ YouTube

Research into definitions around ‘meme’s and meme culture was coersed into a script which included a number of case studies. A tutorial-style of presentation was chosen, reflecting the trend for this style of video which was prolifering on YouTube at the time. Final Cut Pro was then used to animate researched images and allow for a vioceover to be incorporated resulting in the video below entitled ‘Know Your Memetic Dispersion’...

︎ Textiles

Print-on-Demand service, PAOM (Print All Over Me) was utilised to create a series of garments featuring essays and slogans from the project which is available for anyone to purchase via paom.com

︎ Postcards

One of the first publishable iterations of this project came in the form of a series of postcards. This format was chosen for it’s ability for re-sequencing—rearranging the cards allowing for a range of linear readings depending on their (dis)order.

︎ Desktop Presentation

In collating these various formats for presenting an overview of the project, a performative lecture was arranged using a laptop desktops interface which was customised for the presentation with specifically chosen icons and files arranged in folders according to presentations sequencing. This was then broadcast to a larger screen within the presentations space for easy viewing.