Michael Bojkowski aka okinterrupt

︎ Influence: Edmond & Corrigan + Peter Corrigan

Influence: Edmond & Corrigan + Peter Corrigan pays tribute to architect and educator Peter Corrigan (1941–2016) who, together with his partner Maggie Edmond, left an indelible mark on the visual landscape of Australian design. Produced under the unerring guidance of editors Vivian Mitsogianni and Patrick Macasaet the book documents and expands upon a series of live presentations organised shortly after the architects passing.

Translating these presentations into a printed, bound and ‘archive-able’ edition proved a unique challenge. It was also a personal honour to help pay tribute to a designer and studio whose work provided colour and influenced to the urban archiscape that my generation grew up surrounded by.

After supplying the editors with three very different approaches we settled on a direction that allowed graphic elements to be informed by motifs contained within the rich variety of drawings, imagery and photographs (many rarely seen) sourced from the RMIT Design Archives and generously supplied by photographer, John Gollings, for the publication.

As an example, graphic tiling on the pillars inside RMIT University Building 8, originally drawn by hand by Corrigan and Edmond’s studio, were digitised and deployed within page gutters to aid readers in navigating between contributors. This mimiced ther original porupose of these designs it helping visitors orientate themselves within the physical spaces they were designed for.

A starkly geometric display typeface was developed in parallel with the book [︎︎︎more on Lorry here] that responded to the playful yet rigorously constructed architectural details featured within. The completed design also included illustrative typography by Nina Gibbes [︎︎︎ninamgibbes.work].

Influence: Edmond & Corrigan + Peter Corrigan was published in 2019 for Uro Publications and RMIT Architecture. Available via ︎︎︎ uropublications.com. Long-listed for the ABDA Awards in 2019. For more on Peter Corrigan visit ︎︎︎ theconversation.com