Michael Bojkowski aka okinterrupt

︎ Lorry

Red Lorry and Yellow Lorry are two same but different robust display typefaces initially developed as part of an identity pitch for a new Transport for Victoria identity and later revisited and expanded for use within the book, Influence: Edmond & Corrigan + Peter Corrigan [︎︎︎more about this here].

Geometric typefaces are tricky because once you start to adjust letterforms to create balance optically, you also begin to loose some of their strictly geometric qualities.

Many of the styles categories as geometric such as Futura and Avant Garde contain many subtle alterations that distort true geometric coordinates. For Lorry, a decision was made to work with the awkwardness of geometric forms rather than try to coerce them into more harmonious settings. Jagged forms were made more jagged, sharp edges were kept and not ironed out, equilateral circles were retained and not ‘squished’. Any smooth reading was discouraged. These were letterforms that moved others forms out of the way. They had to be brash. They had to be concrete.

It was initially thought that Lorry would only exist as part of a system of wordmarks. It would not be used for standard typesetting and, therefore, did not need to exist as working ‘fonts’. After this initial concept was discarded in favour of a more pictographic approach, Lorry then lingered in my morgue files until a brief for a book on the work of Edmond +Corrigan came along. Realising these awkward, brash and starkly geometric forms shared some qualities with the architecture of Peter Corrigan, I started working them into a type family. This two font family would then add an exclusivity to the book which could act as homage to the notable Australian architect whose civic works helped denote my own journey through Australian design throughout the 80s and 90s.

Status: Unreleased. Available on request. Contact michael[at]okinterrupt[dot]email for details.