Michael Bojkowski aka okinterrupt

︎ Rogue: Art of a Garden

Rogue tells the story of Australian landscape designer Rick Eckersley’s private garden at Musk Cottage, on the Mornington Peninsula, south east of Melbourne.

The cottage itself was engulfed by a garden that purposefully acknowledged the constant evolution and change plants go through. The garden became a testing ground for radical experimentation that sougth to question complacent views of what garden design is. Instead Musk Cottage gradens imagined what garden design could be and how to adapt our gardens to best foster the diversity required for natire to thrive into the future.

Working alongside with Rick, the design of the book seeks to replicate his unorthodox approach to garden design while honouring, not only this amazing place, but also Will Salter's photography, taken over the course of several years of visits to Musk Cottage. The book also contains a collection of artworks, either placed within, or commissioned for the garden, from an expansive roster of artists working across a wide range of media and materials.

Rogue: Art of a Garden was produced between 2019 and 2020 for Rick Eckersley & Uro Publications. It contains 258 pages with hardcover, special colour deboss and coloured edging. Dimensions are 365mm high by 275mm, making this a large format book. It is currently available via ︎︎︎ uropublications.com See also: For more on Rick Eckersley and his extraordinary legacy in the shape of the Musk Cottage gardens visit ︎︎︎ theplanthunter.com.au