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Rogue: Art of a Garden

Rogue: Art of a Garden tells the story of maverick landscape designer Rick Eckersley’s own private garden at Musk Cottage—a garden that was constantly evolving in reaction to the environment it found itself in, and a testing ground for the radical experimentation that elevates his work above complacent views of what garden design could be.

Working closely with Rick, the book seeks to replicate his unorthodox approach to design, while honouring not just this amazing place but also Will Salter's photography, taken over years visiting Musk Cottage. The book also contains Rick Eckersley’s collection of artworks, either placed within or commissioned for the garden, from an expansive roster of artists working across a wide range of media and materials.

Available via Uro Publications. Follow Uro Publications via Instagram for release news and updates: @uro_publications

Year/s: 2019–2020
For: Rick Eckersley & Uro Publications
Number of pages: 258
Format: Hardcover, 365mm x 275mm
ISBN: 9780648435518