Michael Bojkowski aka okinterrupt

︎ Tangram

Tangram is a display typeface produced for the Australian Interior Design Awards... sort of, by accident. The initial branding concept started by looking at tangrams as an architecturally designed, reconfigurable device that could be bought together to form illustrations that mimicked interior architecture. Made up of a loose collection of forms, it could also be exploded to create confetti like excitment within promotional material such as press ads and invitations.

We quickly realised we could create some pretty wacky letterforms with this limited palette of shapes. 'IDA' looked pretty good made out of photographed forms but we needed something we could typeset for headings and call outs. Using the starkly geometric principles and sharp 45° angles inherent to the basic form of the tangram, a one-weight set of uppercase characters was built in vector form.

A few years later I revisited this project and built a working typeface from the existing vectors. A set of lower case and additional weights were also added. The end result is still primarily a display typeface.

Status: Unreleased. Available on request. Contact michael[at]okinterrupt[dot]email for details.