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The Breeze Block Book

The Breeze Block Book was published in 2018 in response to a renewed interest in particular architectural materials, in this case the modular, often geometric, pattern-forming ‘breeze block’, made popular at the turn of the century. Spearheaded by architect and self-professed 'block head', Sam Marshall, the book takes cues from recent book titles that seek to surveys specific architectural materials and the forms they create (such as Concrete, Brick, Wood etc), expanding upon the formats with the inclusion of interviews with practitioners and essays by researchers and experts attached to the field.

Design response

In laying out pages for The Breeze Block Book the risky decision was made to forego expected design constraints typically imposed by page design software, in favour of direct references to the large, often square, blocky forms that the book describes.

The Breeze Block Book is currently sold out. Follow @bookshop_by_uro for updates or check booksellers for existing stock. See the Instagram post embedded below for an example of 2020’s festive wrapping paper that utilised imagery from the graphic assets created as part of the production of the book.