My My Monograph

'My My Monograph' features interviews with—and a personally curated collection of graphic bits and bytes (mixing commercial commissions with personal investigations) from the folio of designer, Michael Bojkowski up to 2009. ¶ This publication was originally produced in order to participate in print-on-demand supplier Blurb’s beta test programme. It was re-edited and expanded shrtly afterwards and made available to a general public. ¶ This would be the first in a series of self-publishing projects utilising internationally-based online services.
First published in 2009. Available in Hardcover and softcover via Blurb and Amazon. Find out more via [Google Books].

  • 86 pages
  • 200mm wide × 250 mm high (Blurb standard portrait format)
  • ISBNs: 9781389119804 (softcover) / 9798211205703 (hardcover