Studio Futures

Studio Futures is a compilation of essays, texts and related project work on the subject of the design studio and it’s position within, and relevant, to architectural practise and pedagogy.

The biggest design challenge faced with this project was finding a coherant editorial design direction to unify the many diverent formats as they were supplied. The range of type of texts and approaches to producing text was vast. What became useful was having a robust and detailed underlying structure which included galleys that were mostly hidden but could be exposed via linework.

Books are made of architecture, they are physically built objects with structure and form. So, the answer that emerged, as in previous architectural publishing projects, was to make this aspect visible through the various negoiations made with supplied text.

The endpapers became the clearest indicator of the how the underlying grid was built, the rest of the book was then able to traverse its way through this, generating new forms and patterns as it went.


Produced in 2015 in conjunction with RMIT Architecture and published by Uro Publications. Find out more via [].

  • 176 page paperback
  • 175 mm wide x 245 mm high