The Sydney School

The Sydney School book tells the story of one of the oldest architecture schools in Australia, ‘The Sydney School of Architecture, Design & Planning’ at the University of Sydney and was produced to help mark the centenary of the school in 2017. The content has been cherry picked from an array of sources and eras and includes a reproduction of ex-Prime Minister Gough Whitlam's 1969 Leslie Wilkinson Lecture, in which he puts forth his vision of Australia as “An Urban Nation”. Republished for the first time since its original publication in 1969.

Given the remit of this publication to mark a specific era and moment in time a number of immovable layout constraints were put in place with a view to the title’s longevity. This was also to be a valuable document for future researchers so reading clarity and ease of navigation was utmost in the development of page layout and flow.

Occasionally there were instances where these self imposed rules could not be successfully applied. In these cases experimentation and whimsy were allowed to sneak in. The cover is an example of this where we played with the format of the ‘index’, compiling an eccentric assortment of terms and references relating to the topics inside and then wrapping the cover in these rather than hiding them away inside. This had the dual effect of applying typographic texture to the exterior as well as offering intriguing allusions to interior matter.

Produced in 2017 for the University of Sydney Architecture School and Uro Publications.

Edited by Andrew Leach & Lee Stickells.

  • 193 page medium-size  softcover publication produced via print-on-demand
  • 216 mm wide x 280 mm high
  • Cover includes matt varnish

Available in Print and as an ePub via Uro Publications.

Cover includes index that runs vertically, wrapping around from front cover to back.