By My Bed.

By My Bed the name for an exhibition at No Vacancy gallery for the 2022 Emerging Writers’ Festival organised by Arts Access Victoria. I provided type-setting and exhibition graphics for the event, as well as producing a suite of posts used to help promote the exhibition online via Instagram (shown here).

By My Bed consisted of a series of texts written by disabled Artists with lived experience of chronic pain and illness in answer to the answer the question ‘What are the objects that make up your world?’. To help illustrate their texts they also shared photographs of their bedsides. Invited artsits and writers included Jase Cordova, Mali Hermans, Tori Hobbs, Jessica Knight, Elena Macdonald, Jo Newman, Michelle Roger and Hannah Turner.

Typesetting is a type of reading so I was super excited to read these personal first-hand accounts and to be able to set these texts on the writer’s behalfs, working with AAV to ensure all graphic materials met accessibility standards in order to be read by as wide an audience as possible.

The exhibition continues online and you can read the texts and find more about the project and the writers involved by visiting [].