Grafik, issues 188 to 192

Grafik was a graphic design magazine, helmed by Caroline Roberts and Angharad Lewis from 2003 to 2014. A wikipedia entry goes into more detail around the history of the title here [wikipedia].

My involvement with Grafik magazine started as an avid (if sometimes overly critical) fan before being invited to write a regular column on magazine design to being invited to take on the design direction and editorial design of the title for 6 bi-monthly issues from 2010 to 2011.

The role involved involved helping relaunch the magazine with a new publisher as well supplying design and direction to many surrounding projects in support of the magazine.

Shown below is a video I produced on the design of the title including interviews with the editors as part of Grafik’s relaunch—first shown at a meeting of the Editorial Design Organisation (EDO) in London in 2011.

Look out for details around a Grafik archive project that will be posted on this site soon.
Covers for Grafik issues 188 to 193.

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Various spreads from Grafik issues 188 to 193.

Grafik Era’s video presented at a meeting of the Editorial Design Organisation c.2011.
Grafik 188, 189 & 190 in situ.